The Morning is when you wake up - Violation of Open Source Licenses By Smaller IT companies

Hi All,
I have a serious concern over here; this is with regard to OSS violation by smaller IT companies. Now, the Big names in IT industry are very much capable to take compliance services from audit providers like by Black Duck Software Inc. At least more than 60% of big names have their Open Source Governing policy. On the other hand, smaller companies are invariably neglecting these OSS obligations. There are two main reason for this - 1) they are not aware of especially their developers 2) They don’t have good budget for taking audit services. 
No matters who violates the OSS license, they would get caught for sure. What we can all do for these smaller IT companies who don’t have budget or not aware of. Because, once they get sued, they will become bankrupt. 
I am working as an Open Source Attorney in India; this is the Indian market scenario. So, I would appreciate if you all share your thought on this topic.
The morning is when you wake up!!

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Hi Ahit,
Usually in the open source space, a FOSS project does not get sued for license violation. A polite email from an aggreived rightsholder, some hard work, and the issues are solved.
As regards knowledge, which is the key thing here, there is a lot of information available on the web (some of it misleading) regarding compliance and compatibilities, and FOSS tools (such as Fossology, Ninka, BAT). It is a question of good project management to dedicate at least one person to managing IP within the code (especially if it is a corporate project). 
The CENATIC has created some great learning materials in the legal area, translated to English. I'll try and find the link.
It would be a good idea to set up a specific section of the documentation here, with regard to compliance. A first port of call is IFOSSLR, a law review that has a number of practical articles on IP and IP management.